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Miniature Goldendoodle

Sandy Ridge

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 The Miniature Goldendoodle


A miniature goldendoodle is quite an amazing creature that has been bred for its unique yet impressive qualities. Starting with the standard goldendoodle breeding of a standard poodle and golden retriever cross, the intelligence, common sense, friendliness, and trainability of a goldendoodle has made this breed a favorite of many dog owners and dog lovers. On top of this the cross retains a good portion of the non-shedding quality of the poodle, while also keeping part of the attractive look of a golden retriever.


Combining all these traits into one dog seems quite appealing, but we have one more trait to add to this list. A standard goldendoodle will range anywhere from 45-100 pounds, which is quite large for a house pet. To achieve the goldendoodle attributes in a more compact package, a miniature poodle is crossed with a golden retriever.


Our Miniature Goldendoodles


Sandy Ridge miniature goldendoodles are being raised to be the best pets for a dog owner. We have had consistent breeding of the mini golden doodle having a low to non-shedding coat and wonderful temperament suitable for just about any type of family. We have also found our minis to range on average from 30 to 45 pounds at maturity.


There is a little variety in Sandy Ridge minis. We get coat types from slightly wavy to moderately curly and coloring from completely blonde to golden red. We cannot guarantee a puppy will be in the expected size range due to the differing genetic sizes to the parents, but our average generally holds true.


With all health concerns addressed and responsible breeding practices performed, there still is the possibility a health problem could arise. We offer a two year genetic guarantee against any genetic defect or health issue that hopefully will not, but possibly could arise.


If you have any questions, please contact us. A happy customer is our priority.



It is our desire to serve each of our customers and each of our goldendoodle and labradoodle puppies to our fullest ability. We do not answer the phone or emails on Sunday, but we will get back as soon as possible if you leave a message or send an email.


In a conversation we will answer any reasonable questions you have about our goldendoodles and labradoodles and our experience with the goldendoodle and labradoodle breeds. It is important to realize, while we have had quite a bit of experience with these two breeds, that we do not know everything there is about each goldendoodle or labradoodle puppy. For example, our given expected sizes for a puppy are only an estimation and any one goldendoodle or labradoodle puppy may be larger or smaller than our expected size, especially the miniature goldendoodles and labradoodles.


We also are intent on providing healthy puppies to our customers through good breeding practices and genetic testing, but, as with any breeder, there is that chance that something unforeseen will occur in the health of a dog. We stand behind our goldendoodle and labradoodle genetics with a two year genetic guarantee against any life threatening genetic diseases or defects. To view our guarantee and contract, click the link below.


Purchase Agreement / Contract


If you are interested in a puppy, you can email for pricing and availability. We handle all reserving over the phone, so if you have a specific puppy or spot on a litter you would like to reserve, please call us. To get a goldendoodle or labradoodle from us, we do not require an application, but we do want to be assured that our puppies are going to good homes.


General Breed Info


F1 Miniature Goldendoodle

    Expected average size range: 30-50 pounds.

    Please email for current pricing

F1b Miniature Goldendoodle

    Expected average size range: 15-35 pounds

    Please email for current pricing


We are no longer offering shipping, so puppies will need to be picked up here in Burlington, Iowa. Our closest airport is Moline, IL (MLI) which is about 1.5 hours from us.


Sales are subject to state sales tax.


Our Email: sandyridge@gmail.com

Phone: 319-759-6129